President’s aide spoke about benefits of Covid-passports


May 25, Fineko/ Presidential aide Shahmar Movsumov explained the rules for the use of Covid-passports in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that according to Movsumov, the passport will imply two certificates - on vaccination and on immunity.

"Both of these certificates will be available on the state portal of e-services or on the TABIB portal. Returning to the topic of gyms, employees of these facilities must be vaccinated and receive Covid-passports or provide a certificate of immunity. From 1 July we will start checking the objects. Only those facilities whose 80% of employees will be holders of Covid-passports will be allowed to work," Movsumov said.

"But in the future people with a Covid passport will be allowed access to other institutions. We are talking about concerts, theaters, weddings and other celebrations. This will be announced later," he stressed.