Appeal to employers in connection with abnormal heat


June 23, Fineko/abc.az. Recently, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan (AHIK) has received numerous appeals in connection with the involvement of workers under conditions of abnormally hot weather in the country.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the Labor Code and its Annex #2, in case of weather conditions under which the air temperature exceeds +41C°

(until 2009 – 45C°), all types of work in the open air and in indoor buildings, premises and other workplaces in which there are no cooling devices must be stopped, and employees are given breaks.

It was noted that breaks are included in working hours, and wages during these breaks are paid in accordance with the tariff salary of employees: "Upon termination of work, the payment of downtime is made in accordance with Article 169 of the Labor Code as a failure to show up for work that occurred through no fault of the employee, not less than two-thirds of the tariff salary. When production is continuous, it is impossible to stop work at the enterprise.

At this time, the employer must determine the shifts in agreement with the trade union.