List of exams to be held from 1 July


July 29, Fineko/abc.az. On 1-2 July the State Examination Center will conduct regular exams.

ABC.AZ reports that the following exams will be held on 1-2 July:

- I stage of the entrance exam for graduates of previous years, the entrance exam to higher educational institutions in the V group of specialties and to colleges based on 11-year education;

- an additional exam in a foreign language for those who want to take part in the competition with the choice of a foreign language other than the foreign language passed at the final exam;

- an additional exam for those who want to pass the entrance exam in a language other than the language in which they passed the final exam.

Applicants belonging to the above categories can print out the admission form by following link https://eservices.dim.gov.az/brxv.