An almond processing plant is prepared for launch in Baku


July 12, Fineko/abc.az. An almond processing plant is being built in Turkan settlement of Baku.

ABC.AZ reports that the production area of the almond processing plant is 113 m, the width is 24 m and the height is 13 m, 2764 sq m, the raw material reception point is 42.7 m long and 48 m wide – 2,050 sq m, the total area of the 3-storey administrative building is 313 sq m.

Along with this, auxiliary buildings with an area of 630 sq m and reservoirs with an area of 315 sq m were built.

Processing equipment imported from Spanish company Borrell has been installed and put into operation for Azbadam LLC. The production process as a whole consists of 3 stages, while the hourly production capacity of the equipment under consideration, performing such functions as drying, separation from the shell, washing, peeling, cleaning and calibration, is 4 tons.