Now rating on TV channels to be measured in a different way


July 13, Fineko/abc.az. A seminar on the theme "Studying Turkey’s experience in determining the rating of TV channels” has been organized today within the framework of the Joint Azerbaijani-Turkish Media Platform.

ABC.AZ reports that the event was conducted with the organizational support of the National TV & Radio Broadcasting Council and the Media Development Agency (MEDIA). Opening the event with an introductory speech, Council’s chair Ismet Sattarov welcomed the participants and guests of the event and stressed the special importance of this event as continuation of the events held within the framework of the Joint Azerbaijani–Turkish Media Platform.

He noted that one of the basic conditions for the development of the audiovisual industry in Azerbaijan, as well as in the whole world, is the qualitative measurement of ratings.

It was stressed that the existing problems in this area in Azerbaijan lead to  weak development of the TV & radio advertising market.

The Turkish TV & radio broadcasting, which has made confident steps in this area in recent years, and the existing rating measurement system there are also being studied with interest in Azerbaijan.

Council’s chair noted that the holding of such a presentation by representatives of TIAK (Televizyon Izleme Araştırmaları) in Baku and the discussion of Turkey's experience in Azerbaijan is of particular importance.