Statement if quarantine is tightened made


July 15, Fineko/abc.az. The WHO representative in Azerbaijan, Hande Harmanji, clarified the question of whether recommendations were made to the Azerbaijani government to tighten the quarantine regime after the discovery of the Delta strain in the country.

ABC.AZ reports that Ms. Harmanji stated to journalists that it is important to get vaccinated, observe hygiene rules and wear masks in closed and crowded places: "I note we did not recommend the government to tighten the quarantine regime. These issues are solved by the Operational Headquarters. It is important that with the increase in the number of infections, the methods of protection should be strengthened. If we do this, we can protect ourselves. ‘Delta’ has been detected in Azerbaijan, and another strain will follow. New strains will continue to appear. Following the rules is the only way to protect yourself until the vaccination rate around the world becomes high."