Amount of mortgage loans given so far published


August 31, Fineko/abc.az. The total amount of mortgage loans given at the expense of the Azerbaijan Mortgage & Credit Guarantee Fund reached AZN 1.9 bn.

ABC.AZ reports that the number of families who improved their living conditions at the expense of those funds amounted to 34,770.

More than AZN 619.9 million of those finances were loans given to preferential categories of persons.

At that, 70% of the mortgage loans account for young people and young families.

"The total amount of finances allocated from the State Budget for the AMCGF for the current year is AZN 87.5 million. Of those funds, AZN 71 million are intended to increase the authorized capital (financing of preferential mortgage loans) and AZN 16.5 million are designed to finance subsidies on interests accrued to business entities for loans received in manats," the Fund noted.