Internet speed declines in Azerbaijan - 167th place


September 15, Fineko/abc.az. Agency Cable.co.uk has published statistics and the rating of high-speed Internet around the world.

The global Internet speed rating is based on more than 1.1 billion speed tests over 12 months, covering 224 countries, until 30 June 2021. Azerbaijan took the 167th place in this year's ranking.

According to the rating, the average Internet speed in Azerbaijan was 6.63 Mbit/s.

As a result, Azerbaijan's position has decreased by 25 steps compared to the previous list.

Thus, in 2019, Azerbaijan was on the 142nd place among 208 countries, in 2018 - on 135th, and in 2017 - on 102nd place.

According to the rating tables of Cable.co.uk, in recent years the Internet speed in Azerbaijan has weakened.

According to the rating, Georgia took the 112th place with speed of 13.83 Mbit/s, Armenia - 101st place with speed of 18.05 Mbit/s, Belarus - 92nd place with speed of 19.86 Mbit/s, Russia - 66th place with Internet speed of 35.73 Mbit/s, Ukraine - 77th place with speed of 25.26 Mbit/s.

The leader of the rating was Jersey, where the average Internet speed of 274.27 Mbit/s was recorded. Liechtenstein took the 2nd place in the rating with speed of 211.26 Mbit/s and Iceland took the 3rd place - 191.83 Mbit/s.