88% of insurance payments accounts for 5 insurers


September 24, Fineko/abc.az. Of the AZN 339.866 million of insurance payments made in Azerbaijan for Jan-Aug of this year, AZN 299.213 million or 88% accounted for five insurance companies.

ABC.AZ reports that speech is about the following companies: PASHA Life Insurance (AZN 169.286 million) and PASHA Insurance (AZN 49.493 million), State Insurance Commercial Company (Azərsığorta, AZN 44.588 million), Atəşgah Həyat Sığorta (AZN 21.861 million) and Xalq Sığorta (AZN 13.985 million).

The insurance companies that have made the lowest compensation payments for the past 8 months are Meqa Həyat Sığorta (0 manats), Joint Insurance Company Aqrar Sığorta (AZN 29,000), Xalq Həyat Sığorta (AZN 88,000), Naxçıvan Sığorta (AZN 233,000) and Bakı Sığorta (AZN 579,000). In total, these companies made insurance payments in the amount of AZN 929,000 (0.3% of the total amount of payments). The total payments of the remaining 10 insurance companies amounted to AZN 39.724 million (11.7%).