Insurers that collected largest premiums for 8 months


September 24, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-Aug of this year five insurance companies gathered premiums for AZN 448.67 million (77.3% of all premiums in Azerbaijan in the amount of AZN 580.597 million).

ABC.AZ reports that among them are insurers as follows: PASHA Hayat Sigorta (AZN 212.689 million), PASHA Sigorta (AZN 127.406 million), State Insurance Commercial Company (Azərsığorta, AZN 49.442 million), as well as Ateşgah Hayat Sigorta (AZN 31.272 million) and Gala Sigorta (AZN 27.86 million).

The insurers that received the lowest premiums for the past 8 months are the recently-appeared on the market Meqa Həyat Sığorta (AZN 306,000), Naxçıvan Sığorta (AZN 1.563 million), Bakı Sığorta (AZN 3.455 million), Xalq Həyat Sığorta (AZN 3.554 million) and Joint Insurance Company Aqrar Sığorta (AZN 3.612 million). These companies collected premiums for totally AZN 12.49 million (2.1% of total premiums).

The total premiums of the remaining 10 insurance companies amounted to AZN 119.437 million (20.6%).