Foundation of Patriotic War Memorial Complex and Museum of Victory to be laid today


September 27, Fineko/abc.az. Currently, President Ilham Aliyev is addressing the people.

ABC.AZ reports that the head of state spoke about our army’s dedication in the Patriotic War.

President emphasized that exactly one year ago Armenia committed a military provocation against Azerbaijan and fired on our battle positions and residential areas.

“As a result of this cowardly shooting, our civilians and servicemen were killed in the first hours. In response to this bloody crime, the Azerbaijani Army launched a large-scale counter-offensive on my order and won a complete victory in the second Karabakh war which lasted 44 days. At the same time, the foundation of the Patriotic War Memorial Complex and the Museum of Victory will be laid today. A magnificent monument in honor of the heroes of the second Karabakh war will be erected in Baku, in one of the most beautiful places of our city,” the country’s leader said.