President: We want to establish relations with Armenia


October 6, Fineko/abc.az. "Now I think that one of the important issues is the contribution of the European Union to development, the establishment of sustainable peace and cooperation in the post-war period, and we are ready for this.”

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev stated about this, when accepting the credentials of the new head of the EU delegation in our country, Pyotr Mikhalko.

“We want to turn this page, this is our policy. We want to establish relations with Armenia, our neighbor. We’re ready to start negotiations with Armenia on the signing a peace treaty, delineating borders, opening communications. This process has partially begun. But I think that if the European Union actively participates - I see that there is such a desire - it can help us in many areas. In general, the situation in the South Caucasus may take on a completely new scale, which has not been in 30 years. It can also be a very important factor of stability, predictability and peace. I’m sure you will be very busy, because there is a lot of work," the head of state said.