Foreign tourists spent AZN 190.9 million in Azerbaijan, while Azerbaijani tourists abroad AZN 179.5 million


April 10, Fineko/abc.az. Foreign nationals in Azerbaijan spent AZN 99.798 million in January and AZN 91.128 milion in February of the year.

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Azerbaijan informs that just for the first two months of 2018 the foreigners carried out operations through bank cards for AZN 190.927 million.

"Compared to the 2017 same term, operations with bank cards increased by 20% or by AZN 31.565 million,” the Ministry said in a statement.

In 2017, foreign citizens spent AZN 1.02 bn in Azerbaijan through bank cards.

At the same time Azerbaijani citizens spent AZN 179.5 million outside the country for Jan-Feb that is by AZN 11.406 million less than foreigners did in Azerbaijan.