Data on apartments bought by Azerbaijani citizens in Turkey for past month published


October 13, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijani citizens bought 1,020 apartments in Turkey for Jan-Sept 2021 (15.5% more versus Jan-Sept 2020) and 162 apartments in September alone.

ABC.AZ reports that for the past 9 months 37,948 apartments were sold to foreign citizens in Turkey, and 6,706 ones in September. This is respectively 25.4% and 43.4% more than a year ago. In September, the largest number of apartments in Turkey were bought by Iranian citizens. Last month, 1,323 apartments were sold to them, and for Jan-Sept – 5,923 ones.

In the 2nd place are the citizens of Iraq. They bought 990 apartments in Turkey last month, and 5,621 for Jan-Sept.The first 3 places were taken by citizens of Russia. Citizens of this country bought 540 apartments in Turkey in September and 3,115 for Jan-Sept.