President spoke about Pandora's documents


October 13, Fineko/abc.az. President Ilham Aliyev has given an interview to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

ABC.AZ reports that during the interview the head of state touched upon a number of important issues.

When asked by a journalist about Pandora's documents, the head of state replied:

“You know, this kind of things accompany me for many years. From time to time depending on a political conjecture some forces in the West try to use this kind of insinuations or half truth in order to discredit the image of Azerbaijan and undermine Azerbaijan’s position. It is clear that it is not a kind of a journalist investigation. It is clear who is behind, and it is clear why Azerbaijan appeared there. I don’t know about the others, maybe they also did something which some forces in the West do not like. But with respect to Azerbaijan, of course the victory in the second Karabakh war was of surprise for many. And they did not like that. They wanted Azerbaijan to be weak, dependent, occupied, always asking for assistance in resolution of the conflict. And now when Azerbaijan did it itself, when Azerbaijan defeated Armenia, also those circles in the West who are closely linked to Armenia became very angry. We were expecting that. Actually we were saying that a new slander campaign is planned against Azerbaijan.”