Center for Agricultural Research has suffered a big loss


October 14, Fineko/abc.az. The Center for Agrarian Research under the Ministry of Agriculture completed 2020 with loss of AZN 953,000. While in 2019, the Center earned AZN 701,000.

ABC.AZ reports that last year CAR’s total revenues amounted to AZN 1.155 million (3.6-fold less than a year earlier).

Of them, AZN 867,000 were earned through over-the-counter transactions, that is, transfers from the State Budget. And this is 4.4-fold less than the annual figure. In addition, due to exchange operations, the organization earned AZN 271,000 (17.6% less), and due to other operations – AZN 17,000 (3.4-fold more).

CAR’s total expenses for 2020 amounted to AZN 2.109 million (39.1% less against 2019). In particular, Center's expenses on human resources increased by 2.3% up to AZN 1.46 million, depreciation expenses by 11.5 times up to AZN 551,000, operating expenses by 20.9 times up to AZN 95,000, and other expenses amounted to AZN 2,000.