Claim: A failure of Kontakt Home system or a new fraud?


October 19, Fineko/abc.az. Some customers of the Kontakt Home chain of stores claim that they cannot repay loans on time.

So, customers who buy goods in the store cannot make a payment, despite repeated attempts to use Paypoint equipment. It is also impossible to make a payment in an online form.

ABC.AZ was informed at the company's call center that there were difficulties with making payments because of changes in credit codes.

The company that changed the codes did not even inform the client about it.

I wonder who benefits from this? The fact is that when a customer buys a phone on credit, he is informed that he will pay 50 gapiks for each day of delay.

Now it becomes clear who really needs to change these codes and not inform the client about it. It's just a guess. Either the company does it purposefully, or it happens because of the irresponsibility of Kontakt Home. It should also be noted that this is not the first dissatisfaction with company Kontakt Home.

So, some time ago, the company became known for taking out a bed from the house of martyr Shirali Adilov, which the martyr bought before going to the Patriotic War.

This was reported by the mother of the martyr, and after the case became public, the company became the object of condemnation.

By Elmir Murad