For Jan-Sept Rabitabank's loan portfolio observed growth of over 7%


October 25, Fineko/abc.az. The loan portfolio of Rabitabank for the past 9 months increased by AZN 33.294 million (7.9% against the end of 2020) up to AZN 456.625 million.

ABC.AZ reports that at the end of 2020 Bank's loan portfolio totaled AZN 423.332 million. As for Rabitabank's portfolio of consumer loans, there is also an increase.

Thus, this bank’s loan portfolio for Jan-Sept 2021 grew by AZN 29.599 million against the end of 2020 and reached AZN 139.4 million.

Rabitabank's portfolio of business loans for Jan-Sept 2021 decreased by AZN 4.233 million compared with the end of last year to AZN 238.78 million.

Rabitabank's portfolio of (mortgage) real estate loans over Jan-Sept 2021 increased by AZN 11.518 million (compared with the end of last year) up to AZN 78.443 million.

The net loans given by Rabitabank to customers (excluding targeted reserve loans created for possible losses) grew from AZN 27.434 million to AZN 427.609 million.

Bank's target reserve for possible losses for Jan-Sept 2021 increased by AZN 5.86 million up to AZN 29.16 million.