New bill: The military be able to become homeowners


November 17, Fineko/ Servicemen who have served flawlessly for 20 calendar years or more will be paid monetary compensation in return for living space or living quarters at their own request on the basis of priority. ABC.AZ reports that this was reflected in the initial version of the new draft law “On the status of military personnel”. The draft law says about the transfer to private ownership of military personnel (persons discharged into reserve or retirement) who have served 20 calendar years or more, as well as persons discharged into reserve or retirement due to illness as a result of injury (injury, injury, contusion) in connection with the performance of official duties, having a disability of I degree or II degree, who have served 10 calendar years, regardless of the length of service, on the basis of priority, taking into account the length of service in stages, in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant executive authority (institution), residential premises or they are offered monetary compensation at their own request in return for living space.