Accounts Chamber conducted an audit of Science Development Fund


November 29, Fineko/ The Accounts Chamber of Azerbaijan has published an audit report on the results of the audit of the execution of income and expenses of the ScienceDevelopment Fund under the Presidential Administration.

ABC.AZ reports that the Chamber says that according to the Charter, the cost estimates, staffing and monthly salaries of the Fund's employees are approved by the Cabinet Ministers and the corresponding decree approved the staffing of 10 people. During the period covered by the audit, along with the staff units provided for by the decision approved by the Cabinet, there were 12 staff units hired with the status corresponding to administrative duties (for the same positions).

The salaries of freelance employees were relatively low compared to the salaries of full-time employees in the same position. So, taking into account the change in the salary level as of 1 September 2019, the wages of freelance workers were 18.0% -20.0% lower than those of full-time workers.