Erdogan: Sochi meeting was productive


November 29, Fineko/ "Ilham Aliyev told me that the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Nikol Pashinyan was productive." 

ABC.AZ reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the relevant statement after returning from a trip to Turkmenistan. 

The Turkish leader noted that thanks to this meeting, the issue of the construction of a railway and a highway along the Araz River was resolved. 
"There is also a question about the construction of a highway to Igdyr. On the other hand, a successful step will be taken to eliminate the Nakhchivan problem with the help of the highway, as well as to establish Azerbaijan's connection with Igdir through the territory of Armenia. In addition, an important step will be taken in the transportation of people and goods by both road and rail."