NBCOs with loan portfolio of over AZN 15 million

10:58 - 7.12.2021

December 7, Fineko/abc.az. The loan portfolios of four out of 42 NBCOs operating in Azerbaijan in 2020 and publishing the annual financial report exceeded AZN 15 million as of 1 January this year.

ABC.AZ reports that among the four NBCOs are Aqrarkredit (AZN 73.857 million), Embafinans (AZN 27.409 million), Finoko (AZN 18.56 million) FINKA Azerbaijan (AZN 17.946 million). The loan portfolio of three NBCOs is AZN 10-15 million, the loan portfolio of 24 NBCOs is AZN 1-10 million, and the loan portfolio of 11 NBCOs is less than AZN 1 million.