Last year 10 258 tourists from China visited Azerbaijan


April 19, Fineko/ The agreement on cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Chinese travel agencies has been signed in Baku with the support of the National Tourism Promotion Bureau.

The Bureau informs that business organizations specializing in the field of health tourism intend to bring up to 2,000 tourists a year to Azerbaijan on the basis of this agreement.

"According to research of Chinese specialists, their citizens will be primarily interested in treatment and prevention in Naftalan. Tour packages will be 12-day. During this time tourists from China will visit Baku and Naftalan," the Bureau reported.

Chinese experts point out that up to 1 million citizens, mainly people of middle and old age, depart from their country with the purpose of health-improving trips.

Previously, tourists from China visited Azerbaijan more often within the framework of common tourist packages on the countries of the South Caucasus. The new agreement is aimed at visiting precisely Azerbaijan.

"The Bureau considers the Chinese market one of the priorities for attracting tourists. Azerbaijan's tourism potential has been more actively promoted in this country since last year. Bloggers, journalists and travel agents from China are invited, and large-scale projects are being developed together with partners. The new signed agreement is one of the logical results of this partnership," the NTPB said in a statement.

In 2017, 10 258 Chinese citizens visited Azerbaijan.