YAŞAT Foundation made public amount of funds spent and on balance


December 8, Fineko/abc.az. Currently, the balance of the YAŞAT Foundation has more than AZN 15 million of unspent finances.

ABC.AZ reports that this was stated by Foundation’s head Elvin Huseynov at a press conference dedicated to the 1st anniversary of the YAŞAT Foundation.

He noted that finances in the amount of AZN 49.497 million were spent in the areas of Foundation’s activities. And the remaining finances amount to AZN 15.4 million.

"AZN 32.477 million were allocated for improving living conditions, education; AZN 458,478 for vocational training and development of creative potential; AZN 5.432 million for repayment of consumer loans and other debt obligations; AZN 11.128 million for treatment and psychological support," Huseynov said.