Education Minister about school education in Zangilan


December 9, Fineko/ The construction of a school in Agali village of Zangilan district is carried out not by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that Education Minister Emin Amirullayev stated about this to journalists.

He noted that joint work is currently underway with the relevant bodies.

"This issue is not solved in one day. It is necessary to carry out proper planning. After the first relocation of residents to village Agali, the school's activities will also be restored, but within a few weeks during the transition period, we have planned a hybrid or distance form of education, so that children do not lag behind in their studies. Even if 2, 3 or 5 children move, they will be immediately involved in online learning. Then, after the school building is constructed and the teacher staff is determined, the process will be fully completed," Amrullayev said.