Azerbaijan gets in Top 5 of Russia’s wheat buyer countries


December 27, Fineko/ Turkey is again in the 1st position among the countries purchasing wheat from Russia, according to analytical center Rusagrotrans.

ABC.AZ reports citing Center’s head Igor Pavensky that Rusia delivered 4.3 million tons of wheat to Turkey in the current agricultural year (July 2021-June 2022) against 4.5 million tons a year earlier.

"Meanwhile, Iran slightly reduced wheat purchases in December and occupies the 2nd place. During this period Iran imported 4 million tons of wheat from Russia (6-fold more than a year earlier)," he said.

Egypt is in the 3rd place, Saudi Arabia is in 4th (840,000 tons against 124,000 tons last season), and Azerbaijan is in 5th (1.05 million tons against 700,000 tons).