Azerbaijan unveils data for 2021 on spheres with the largest number of employees


January 14 Fineko/ The State Statistics Committee informs that as of 1 December 2021, the number of employees in the country's economy increased by 20,400 people (by 1.2%).

The number of employees amounted to 1.704 million people for the reported term. 19.5% of employees worked in education, 18.6% in trade; vehicle repair, 13.0% in industry, 8.1% in health & social services, 7.4% in construction, 6.6% in public administration and defense; social security, 4.3% in the field of transport and warehousing, 3.6% in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 3.4% in professional, scientific and technical activities, 1.8% in finance and insurance, and 13.7% in other sectors of the economy.