Azerbaijan ranks 63rd in world on Internet speed


January 19, Fineko/ In December 2021, Azerbaijan increased by a notch on mobile Internet speed and placed on the 63rd line (29.06 Mbit/s), ABC.AZ reports with reference to Speedtest Global Index.

Last December, Azerbaijan ranked the 121st among 178 countries in the world on the average speed of fixed broadband Internet.

The average speed of country’s fixed broadband Internet for the past month was 17.24 Mbps.

Singapore is in the 1st place on broadband Internet speed (192.17 Mbit/s), Afghanistan is in the last (1.70 Mbit/s).

The UAE is ahead of other countries in terms of mobile Internet (138.38 Mbit/s), and Turkmenistan closes the rating - 138th place (3.15 Mbit/s).