Car rental prices in Baku


January 26, Fineko/ The state of the car rental market in Azerbaijan is unsatisfactory.

ABC.AZ reports that representatives of a car rental company in Baku informed that, according to the conditions, a car can be rented for no more than 2 days.

It turned out that in our country, as a rule, they do not rent a car for a day.

Renting a car is not so difficult. To do this, you will need an identity card and a driver's license.

Some companies look at the date of issue of a driver's license. So, the certificate must be obtained at least 3 years ago.

As for prices, this criterion varies depending on the car brand. To do this, a deposit is made in advance to the company.

The minimum deposit starts from 150 manats. For example, the most expensive rental cars are Range Rover and Gelandewagen. The daily rent of a Range Rover is 500 manats. And for Gelandewagen they ask 400 manats. The deposit for both cars is 500 manats.

And for cars with the cheapest rent, the price starts from 40 manats. In this case, 180 manats are required as a deposit.