Persons engaged in illegal medicine delivery detained in Azerbaijan


April 30, Fineko/abc.az. Five people involved in illicit pharmaceutical supplies have been detained in Azerbaijan.

The General Prosecutor's Office reports that in particular, firms Sanimed LLC and Epidbiomed LLC dealt with medicine delivery at 11 addresses.

"According to the collected materials, Sanimed’s actual head Mushfiq Nagiyev, firm’s sales director Khafiz Orujov, sales representative Asim Kerimov, Epidbiomed’s founder Namig Aliyev, and this firm’s deputy director Kamal Mammadov and other officials have imported equivalent medicines of 19 names worth for more than 1 million in the country since 2011. The price of those preparations exceeds few-fold the cost of original preparations,” the GPO said.

The criminal case participants fraudulently achieved sales by means of about 100 doctors – accomplices. Facts of import of unregistered medicines in the country have been found out as well.

"15,385 packages of medicines of 37 names for 38,000 manats were found during search at administrative buildings, offices and drugstores. Also, 51 boxes of medicines of 9 names which should have been given to a certain group of the population at the expense of State Budget have been withdrawn, and the case is now under investigation," the GPO said.

The GPO materials also indicate that written notes on regular giving of 50 to 1,000 manats to doctors on a regular basis in exchange for prescribing of certain medicines to patients and ‘black accounting’ documents have been revealed. Another 138,000 manats (in local and foreign currency), not specified in the accounting reports, were seized in Epidbiomed’s office.

Mushfiq Nagiyev, Khafiz Orujev, Asim Kerimov, Namig Aliyev and Kamal Mammadov were detained in compliance with articles 308.2 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, 200-1.2.2 and 200-1.2.3 (illegal sale of medicines).

Investigation continues to identify other accomplices of the crime.