Lewis Hamilton starred at PETRONAS evening in Baku


In Baku, after the qualifying races of the Formula 1 European Grand Prix, PETRONAS Oil and Gas Corporation held an evening reception for the partners and distributors in Azerbaijan. The main star of the evening was the famous British racing driver, the pilot of the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

The event started with a press conference hosted by Bradley Lord, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Communications Director at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. Answering the questions of the presenter and the media, Lewis Hamilton shared his impressions about the new technical regulations of the championship, the nuances of the difficult Baku route and plans for the Sunday race.

“This is out third visit to Baku, and I am very happy to compete here. Compared to the previous years, the weather is cooler, but the competitions are very hot! One thing I cannot understand is why Azerbaijan is called the “Land of Fire”, I’d rather call it the “Land of Winds”. The track in Baku is one of the most difficult and fastest urban routes – the speed here is just crazy, but it is quite difficult to see the turns. It makes competitions especially intriguing and exciting. In Baku, I have never won. I understand it will not be easy tomorrow, but my main goal is to become the first,” Lewis Hamilton said.

The pilot of Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team also spoke about cooperation with PETRONAS: “Our goals with PETRONAS, which provides technical support to our team, completely coincide, and it is a great honor for me to cooperate with this company. If the heart of the car is its engine, then the heart of the engine is oil. According to the new rules, this year we have the right to use only three motors throughout the season, which means one engine for seven races. The PETRONAS technologies help us in this. If before the engines burned a lot of fuel, today we can achieve high results with low use. Our engine is simply magnificent.”

Answering journalists' questions about the race on electric cars and the possible participation of Lewis Hamilton in such competitions, the pilot mentioned that such races (Formula E) are currently developing very actively. “I understand that the protection of the environment is very important, but still hope that during next five years, which I intend to compete in Formula 1, we will not switch to electric prototypes. I would like to race on the current bolides, as the sound of full-powered engines provides special drive and passion,” says the champion.

Sunday was a lucky day for the pilot of Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team: Lewis Hamilton fulfilled his dream and won the race. At the debut stage of Formula 1 in Azerbaijan in 2016, he was the second, and last year the pilot finished 5th because the headrest on his car got loose and he was forced by race control to pit for safety reasons.

Guests of the evening, held at the height of the Flame Towers of Fairmont Baku, also took advantage of the unique opportunity to communicate with one of the best racers of the present time. Emotions and impressions of guests, autograph and photo sessions, as well as endless conversations about the royal races, adorned the gala dinner.


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