Azerbaijani Parliament begins a plenary session


May 4, Fineko/ The plenary session of the Azerbaijani parliament (Milli Majlis) has started.

The agenda of the session, chaired by speaker Ogtay Asadov, includes 23 questions.

Among them are the draft amendments to the Laws on the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan, on MP Status, on Constitutional Court, on Courts & Judges, on Consumer Rights Protection, on Mass Media, on Public TV & Radio, on Non-Bank Credit Organizations, on Fighting Against HIV Disease, on Securities Market, on Legal Protection of Samples of Azerbaijan Folklore, on Copyright & Related Rights, on Legal Protection of Topology of Integrated Schemes, on Culture, on Legal Protection of Database, on Architectural Activity, on Ensuring Intellectual Property Rights & Combating Piracy, on Accounting, on Social Insurance and the Land Code.

The national coordinator for combating trafficking in human beings is expected to deliver speech at the session with the report on 2017.

The MPs Deputies will also discuss the new Bill on the rights of persons with disabilities in the 2nd reading.


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