A road connecting Gilezi-Khizi road with Findigan village opened


May 4, Fineko/abc.az. As part of his trip to Khizi district, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev opened a road connecting Gilezi-Khizi highway with Findigan village.

The connecting road takes its start from the 34th km of highway Gilezi-Khizi to village Findigan.

Total length of the road, connecting village Findigan with population of 600 people with the 34th km of highway Gilezi-Khizi, is 5 km. The road relates to the 4th technical category. Width of the two-lane roadway is 6 m.

During the reconstruction of the road the large-scale excavation and asphalt-concrete works were carried out. 226 m of drainage pipes of various diameter were constructed along the road. Road signs and markings were established in necessary places and the road marking was drawn.

Commissioning of this road provides access to the Gilazi-Khizi highway and road Baku - Guba - the state border with the Russian Federation for the residents of the of Findigan village.



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