Azerbaijan’s Customs Committee transferred AZN 1 bn to country’s budget for Jan-Apr


May 7, Fineko/abc.az. The State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan transferred AZN 1.027 bn to the State Budget for Jan-Apr.

The SCC reports that in January it transferred AZN 226.09 to country’s budget, in February AZN 219.7 million, in March 281.238 million, in April AZN 300.591 million.

"Transfers on customs duties reached AZN 71.139 million, on VAT – AZN 211.527 million, on excise taxes AZN 15.01 million, on road tax AZN 2.9 million," the SCC said.

The SSC transferred AZN 2.608 million to the State Budget in 2017.


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