Ahmed Gurbanov: If Azerbaijan opens land borders, flow of tourists to country to double


April 20, Fineko/abc.az. “Azerbaijan should soon open its land borders. In this case, the flow of tourists to the country will double. Tourists will visit our country not only on holidays, but also on ordinary days.”

ABC.AZ reports that chairman of board of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association (AzTA) Ahmed Gurbanov said about this when commenting on the upcoming activities to attract tourists to Azerbaijan during the upcoming holidays of Ramadan and Gurban.

In his opinion, the preservation of closed land borders prevents the influx of tourists to Azerbaijan from all countries, including Muslim ones.

"Because of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), there has been significant reduction in the number of tourists worldwide since 2020. Although there was an increase in the number of tourists last year and this year, the figures have not yet reached the level of 2019. As the borders are gradually opened, the number of tourists will also grow, and we’ll have the opportunity to see the previous figures. Currently, tourists come to our country most often on holidays and during the summer season. We must take into account the upcoming holidays of Ramadan and Gurban, which are also sacred for the Muslim world. Muslims celebrate these holidays at a high level, visit other countries,” he emphasized.