Violations revealed at Education Ministry


April 20, Fineko/ In 2021, the Ministry of Education underestimated the volume of state needs, did not take into account the available opportunities and could not accurately determine the characteristics of the necessary goods (works and services), which led to inefficient and excessive spending, which in turn led to the fact that the purchased goods were not used in some cases.

ABC.AZ informs that this is stated in Accounts Chamber’s report on its activity for 2021 on the basis of an audit of public procurement in the Ministry of Education for compliance with legal acts.

The report says that the requirements imposed on contractors during public procurement in some cases affected the competitiveness, incorrect identification of the relevant contractor to meet public needs and control over the execution of procurement contracts is not fully ensured.

Incomplete study of the demand for the purchase of goods (works and services), as well as non-compliance with contractual conditions, including deadlines, ultimately led to the fact that contracts were not fulfilled in full during the budget year and funds were kept unused with prepayment or transfer to letter of credit accounts.