Introduction of a new business support mechanism starts


May 11, Fineko/ The Entrepreneurship Development Fund has launched the introduction of a new business support mechanism.

ABC.AZ was informed at the EDF that this mechanism envisages subsidizing interests on loans given by banks and other credit organizations to micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs engaged in agricultural processing, supply and processing of basic foodstuffs as part of the minimum consumer basket.

Initially, loans received by entrepreneurs engaged in the production of the following processed products will be subsidized in connection with the supply of raw materials on these types of activities:

- Production of granulated sugar;

- Production of sunflower oil;

- Margarine production;

- Butter production;

- Flour production;

- Production of pasta.

Business entities operating in these industries can apply to a credit institution to subsidize loans they received in 2022 in connection with the supply of raw materials.