Tax Service revenues declined


May 17, Fineko/ In 2021, the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy received income of AZN 100.1 million (decline of 47.5% against 2020), ABC.AZ informs with reference to STS finance report.

Of last year's revenues of the Tax Service, over–the-counter income reached AZN 99.9 million (47.6% less than a year earlier) and operating income AZN 177,000 (3.8-fold more). Organization’s expenses grew by 37.9% to AZN 60.906 million, including salary expenses and transfers for state social insurance grew by 24.6% up to AZN 31.4 million and expenses for consumables fell by 17% to AZN 828,000, depreciation expenses rose by 58.9% to AZN 2.548 million, other operating expenses by 59.9% up to AZN 26.085 million.