State institutions dismiss elderly personnel


May 17, Fineko/ Persons working in state-run organizations and who have reached the age of 65 are retiring without benefits. So, many institutions, in order to create conditions for young people who want to enter the civil service, increase vacancies, part with personnel who have reached retirement age. And before that, in order for experienced personnel to continue working, they were given an additional few years. Currently, this trend is disappearing, as a result of which new employment opportunities for young people are being created, ABC.AZ reports, citing MP Vahid Ahmedov.

"The process actually started a long time ago. Employees over the age of 65 are now gradually being removed from institutions. But I'm not really a supporter of this process at some points. Because in some spheres you need to keep experienced people, even if they are older. Beginners have no experience, they can make mistakes. But if experienced people work next to them, then it is possible to identify relatively easier and more productive work. It should not be surprising that the elderly are being sent to retirement. The rejuvenation process began a long time ago. Young leaders and ministers have been invited to certain organizations," the MP says.