Center for Legal Expertise & Legislative Initiatives under creation in Azerbaijan


May 19, Fineko/ President Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree on the establishment of the Center for Legal Expertise & Legislative Initiatives.

ABC.AZ reports that the Center is being created as a public legal entity in compliance with the decree.

Center’s authorized capital is set at the level of AZN 100,000 and is formed at the expense of the State Budget of Azerbaijan.

The general management of the Center will be carried out by the Supervisory Board, consisting of 5 people (chairman and four members).

The Center’s current management is carried out by the executive director appointed and dismissed by the Supervisory Board. Expenses for the maintenance and activities of the Center are carried out at the expense of the State Budget and from other financial sources not prohibited by law.

The Center is the legal successor of institute "Law & Human Rights" at the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. All property, rights and obligations of the institute are transferred to the Center.

Under the decree, the Azerbaijani president appoints and dismisses the chairman and three members of the Supervisory Board (the fourth member of the Supervisory Board is the head of the Milli Majlis Administration), abolishes and re-organizes the Center, creates governing bodies.

Also, by presidential decree, Shahin Aliyev was appointed the rector of the Academy of Justice under the Ministry of Justice.