Construction companies urge not to build houses in areas with large number of trees


May 20, Fineko/ “This year 124 cases related to illegal tree felling in Azerbaijan have been transferred to law enforcement agencies. There were also persons arrested in connection with these violations,” ABC.AZ reports, citing Hikmet Alizade, the head of the State Eco-Safety Service of the Ecology & Natural Resources Ministry.

Last year law enforcement agencies received 431 complaints about violations of eco-standards during construction.

The State Service has urged construction companies not to build houses and buildings on sites with a large number of trees: “In Baku, 1 tree is equivalent to 100 hectares of lawn. It should be borne in mind that the felling of trees in Baku creates a crime. A project is being prepared aimed at increasing the amount of fines imposed in connection with illegal tree felling, as well as other harsh punitive measures. There may even be restrictions on the activities of some construction companies.”