Fish stocks in Caspian Sea decreased 10-fold


May 20, Fineko/ Last year, for the first time in 9 years, we conducted expeditions in the Caspian Sea in connection with the depletion of its bio-resources, ABC.AZ reports, citing Mehman Akhundov, the director of the Center for Biological Resources Research.

He said that these expeditions made it possible to study fish resources: “Starting from 2005 and up to 2012, we conducted research every year. Comparing the research 10 years ago with the expeditions of last year, we learned that fish stocks in the Caspian Sea have decreased 10-fold. One of the causes is climate change. The water temperature in both the upper and middle layers of the Caspian Sea has increased by 4-5 degrees, resulting in the burning of zooplankton. On the other hand, solar radiation increases in summer and this has led to reduction in populations of small fish. Sprats are an example of this – they make up about 60% of the Caspian ichthyflora. This led to a 10-fold reduction in fish stocks belonging to the order of sturgeon, salmon, herring.”