Number of managers leaving Russia without a return ticket grows


May 23, Fineko/ The share of managers in Russia who do not buy return tickets when leaving Russia has sharply increased.

In March, the share of one-way tickets reached 70%, and in April it dropped to 47%. About a third of orders for such tickets accounted for 2019.

The results are based on an analysis of more than a million transactions conducted through the company in the 1st quarter and in April 2019, 2021 and 2022.

 “Since the end of February there has been a large influx of IT specialists. The most popular destinations were neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the UAE. For example, the demand for residential space in Israel exceeded the level of 2019 by 73%. At that, most of the appeals concerned the IT sphere,” the study says.