Expert: Baku is among capitals with poor landscaping


May 23, Fineko/ "7-8 years ago, when demolishing of the area called Sovetskaya started, they promised that there would be no buildings on this territory, a recreation park and a recreational zone would be created. At that time, I was very surprised, because over the past 25 years, the territories of the capital have been sold inch by inch, elementary building and urban planning standards have been trampled, apartments have been built in areas where 1,000 people could be accommodated according to standards, apartments in which at least 5,000 people could live, and green spaces have been destroyed under the feet of construction magnates."

ABC.AZ reports that expert economist Rovshan Agayev wrote about this in his account on the social network.

He noted that for this reason, one should not be surprised that the "heart" of the city called "Sovetskaya" was used for business purposes, so as not to lose income of hundreds of millions of manats: "But now it is clear that it was not worth being surprised: the plot of about 60 hectares is already open for construction. To be honest, I do not know what the total area is there, and whether there is anything else left for construction after that. In fact, if a rating is compiled, Baku will become one of the poorest cities in terms of landscaping among the world's capitals. Once I researched on the basis of various sources, the green territory of Baku is about 7% of the total area. This is a very low indicator from angle of world standards - in some cities this indicator fluctuates on average within 15-20%," the expert said.