Statistics on insurers’ payments and premiums


May 25, Fineko/ Statistical data on compensation payments and premiums of insurance companies in Azerbaijan has been published.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the CBA that the largest growth dynamics in percentage was recorded on Aqrar Sigorta and Meqa Hayat Sigorta - by 3.1 times.

"Baki Sigorta also became the third with growth rate of 69%.

PASHA Hayat is leading with an indicator of AZN 37.7 million on the volume of growth. Compared with Jan-Apr 2021, PASHA Sigorta’s premiums grew by AZN 8.8 million and Xalq Sigorta by AZN 3.2 million.

Among the insurers whose premiums declined are Azersigorta (91.7%), Atasigorta (65%), Gunay Sigorta (41.8%), Ipek Yolu Sigorta (14.2%), Azsigorta (8.5%) and Meqa Sigorta (7.3%).