Azerbaijan liquidates process of certification of farm goods for food security


May 18, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan is introducing a new mechanism of certification of local agricultural products.

State Food Security Agency’s chair Goshgar Tehmezli stated during the first international conference on food security in Baku that the new mechanism of certification of farm products will come into force from 1 July.

"In accord with the current legislation, agricultural products produced in the country are certified depending on the variety. The new mechanism implies registration of a business entity, regardless of type of products," he emphasized.

Tehmezli pointed out that thus, a register of economic entities engaged in production of agricultural products will be created in Azerbaijan. Registration of entities will be carried out both in the Agency and in ASAN centers, as well as online. Entrepreneurs included in the register will receive an appropriate food security identification card.

"The single register will also allow providing phytosanitary or veterinary certificate, if necessary, particularly in case of the relevant request from the importer country. Tariffs for registration of entities and certification are now considered at the Tariff (Price) Council," Tehmezli said.



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