AZN 28 million paid to budget from state property privatization for Jan-May


June 14, Fineko/ Azerbajan State Budget revenues from privatization and leasing of state property for the past 5 months amounted to AZN 28 million ($16.5 million).

ABC.AZ reports that an increase in the number of concluded lease agreements was recorded as a result of the control and educational activities with the purpose of effective use of immovable state property and attraction of rental facilities that evade rent. So, in the first 5 months of the year 1,539 new lease agreements were concluded on 393 non–residential plots and 1,146 land plots. Compared with Jan-May 2021, new lease agreements amount to 987 ones (2.8-fold more).

For Jan-May 2022, the State Budget allocated about AZN 10.3 million for the rental of immovable state property (non-residential and land plots).

Thus, for Jan-May of this year, the budget received AZN 28 million from privatization and lease of state property.