Food Security Agency: too much agiotage around GMO products in Azerbaijan


May 18, Fineko/abc.az. The State Food Security Agency of Azerbaijan urges not to raise agiotage around the question of use of genetically modified organisms. 

Agency’s chair Goshgar Tehmezli stated at the 1st international food security conference in Baku that there is too big agiotage on the occasion in Azerbaijan.

"The media reports false information that allegedly the country imported vegetables infected with genes of various animals. As an official, I declare there is no scientific justification for this information. Azerbaijan has never imported vegetables of such kind," Tehmezli said.

He pointed out that genetic modification is an advanced part of science of molecular genetics and around the world it is used against pests, as well as the vagaries of nature.

"Azerbaijan organized appropriate labs for examination of quality and quantity of GMOs in food products together with the Customs Committee," Tehmezli said.



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