82% of premiums in Azerbaijan account for 5 companies


June 24, Fineko/abc.az. Out of AZN 426.638 million gathered in Azerbaijan for Jan-May 2022, AZN 349.98 million or 82% of premiums accounted for 5 insurers.

ABC.AZ reports that among them are: PASHA Hayat Sigorta (AZN 179.67 million), PASHA Sigorta (AZN 109.336 million), Qala Sigorta (AZN 23.5 million), Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta (AZN 21.965 million) and Xalq Sigorta (AZN 15.5 million).

The insurers that accumulated the lowest amount of premiums for the past 5 months are as follows: Meqa Hayat Sigorta (AZN 681,000), Naxchivan Sigorta (AZN 993,000), Atasigorta (AZN 1.96 million), Baki Sigorta (AZN 2.238 million) and Gunay Sigorta (AZN 2.75 million). These companies collected premiums for totally AZN 8.625 million (2% of the overall premiums).

The premiums of the remaining 10 insurers reached AZN 68.03 million (16%).