Baku and Yerevan agree on highway in Zangezur corridor


June 29, Fineko/ Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed on the highway in Zangezur corridor, only a small section of 6 km remains to be agreed, ABC.AZ reports that a high-ranking informed source stated this to Russia’s newspaper Izvestia.

"Azerbaijan and Armenia have long agreed on the railway corridor to Nakhchivan, back in the autumn of last year. A long pause was taken along the highway in Yerevan. But at the last meeting of the deputy prime ministers on 3 June, they were able to agree on the route of the future highway, with the exception of the missing section of 6 km. There are mountains there, and the Russian Avtodor is sending experts there to offer a simple engineering solution," the source said.

The source also said that the highway will run along the Araz River from the Armenian side, and the rest of the section will involve old Soviet roads that connected Nakhchivan with the Zangilan region of Azerbaijan until 1992.